The Book Club Championship

Drop the Gadget, Pick a Book. Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader!

Welcome to Kenya’s 1st National Book Club Championship, a premier literary event that brings together young minds from all over the country, bound by a shared passion for literature and reading. As pioneers in the literary realm, we are dedicated to creating a vibrant and inclusive environment for students aged 8-18, to explore and compete in diverse literary works, inspiring a new generation of critical thinkers, storytellers and lifelong learners.

Unlock Potential: Reignite Reading Amongst Youth

Technological distractions, such as digital devices and online media, lure young people away from the immersive experience of reading. Young people are spending more time on screens, engaging with social media, video streaming, gaming, or other digital activities, which reduce their interest and time dedicated to reading books and contributes to increased stress, anxiety, and feelings of isolation.
The lack of engagement with books not only hampers literacy skills but also limits exposure to diverse perspectives, ideas, and imaginative worlds. Moreover, a decreased focus on reading has a profound impact on personal development, intellectual growth, academic success and mental health as books provide opportunities for reflection, exploration and emotional connections.

We aim at inspiring students to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more in their respective journeys of life.

Our Objectives

Cultivating a reading culture
Intellectual Stimulation
Increased concentration and focus
Academic success
Teamwork and collaboration
Friendly Competition
Rewards and Recognition
Community Building

Target Audience

Who can enroll in the Book Club Championship?

BoCCha is open to students from primary, Junior Secondary and High school. Reading materials and activities are age-appropriate and aligned with the students’ abilities and interests

School Affiliation

BoCCha is not exclusive to students of a particular school or educational institution. Any school be it private or public may sign up to the championship.

Open Enrollment

BoCCha has open enrollment, allowing any interested student to join by registering and paying the subscription fee. Students can join
as individuals or as part of a school community. Our approach encourages inclusivity and gives all students an equal opportunity to participate

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